Rev. Abraham D. Allende

abrahamOn May 17, 2014, The Reverend Abraham D. Allende was elected Bishop of the 180 congregations in the Northeastern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He began serving as bishop on September 1. Prior to his election as bishop, Pastor Allende had been serving The Lutheran Church of the Covenant in Maple Heights, Ohio, since September of 2009. Pastor Allende had previously served as Pastor and Mission Developer of Iglesia Luterana La Trinidad in Canton, Ohio. He was ordained as minister of Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) on January 18, 2003. A second-career pastor, Reverend Allende has held successful positions in the fields of education, broadcasting and as a professional baseball executive. He is a native of Bayamon, Puerto Rico and reared in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Pastor Allende and his wife, Linda, currently make their home in Plain Township with their cat, Milagros (Mili). He has one adult son, David, a resident of Akron.  


To contact Bishop Allende: 330-929-9022 x 29

Monday Musings

November 6, 2017

As we enter the final three weeks of the church year, our readings are filled with images of the last days. At first glance, we read a lot about death and destruction. Believe me, these words are as tough to preach on as they are tough to hear. Many pastors I know look for ways to avoid these readings and look for happier, or less gloomy passages to preach on. After all, how can any talk about death be good news? [Read more]

October 30, 2017

The first Sunday in November many churches commemorate All Saints. In worship, they will honor those faithful who have died in the past year with some ritual or ceremony of remembrance. The readings for this day - which is actually November 1 on the liturgical calendar - are hopeful lections, designed to move us toward a sense of trust in God's promise of a time of blessedness. [Read more]

October 24, 2017

I apologize for not mentioning last week that this week's edition of Monday Musings would be published one day later, as our offices were closed on Monday. The last Sunday in October most Lutherans commemorate the Reformation. The actual date is October 31, but few, if any, congregations will actually commemorate it on that day. [Read more]



Bishop's Blog


  • THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT December 11, 2016 A brief reflection on "Rejoice" Sunday.
  • SATURDAY OF ADVENT 2 December 10, 2016 One doesn’t have to dig deep to find similarities with ancient Israel and our current society. We fail to hear the subtle cries for help that are all around each of us, each day.
  • FRIDAY OF ADVENT 2 December 9, 2016 The love story of Ruth and Boaz goes beyond what seems right according to the letter of the law, and enters into the Spirit of what God wants for us, love that values others.
  • THURSDAY OF ADVENT 2 December 8, 2016 You might not have imagined that simply by praying for someone or inviting someone to church you might be the vessel by which God continues to reach out and embrace all God’s beloved people.
  • SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT December 5, 2016 Repentance is not moaning and groaning or feeling sorry for yourself, it is letting God’s Spirit wipe away our sinfulness, thus giving us insight into the limitlessness of God’s love!