January and February 2018: Please submit your congregational (parochial) and rostered minister reports! 

Congregational reports: Congregation treasurers and secretaries contribute information to the preparing of these forms. The person(s) responsible for filing congregational (parochial) reports can do so electronically by going to the Office of the Secretary's page on the ELCA website, and then click on the Form A & C box, or follow this link: https://webapps.elca.org/FormAAndC/Login.aspx.

Rostered Minister reports: You will find the appropriate report link here: http://www.elca.org/About/Churchwide/Office-of-the-Secretary/Rostered-Ministers. Please remember to follow these steps: (1) download the form; (2) save it; (3) then complete it and send it to the bishop - either electronically as an attachment, or a paper copy by mail. If you do not save it first, there will be problems sending it later. It is advisable to fill out these reports early. They are helpful in the ongoing effort to strengthen relationships and build the ministry of the church.