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2022 Synod Assembly

Registration Information for

Day One: Education Seminars & Day Two: Business Sessions

and Display Registration


Please read these instructions carefully and completely before registering!

2022 Synod Assembly registrations for the upcoming Day One: Education Seminars, Friday, May 13, 2022 and Day Two: Business Sessions, Saturday, May 14, 2022 and Display Registration have opened.

Please read this entire message before registering.


Registration Deadlines

Registrations close May 9, 2022 for all NON-Voting attendees

All Display registrations close May 9, 2022

Day Two Voting Member registration closed April 11, 2022

 NO WALK-IN registrations will be accepted.


Day One: Educational Seminars (Friday, May 13, 2022) are open to anyone who would like to attend the following educational seminars. The seminars are offered in-person only. Doors open at 7:30 am for check-in and continental breakfast. Following the opening worship the morning education seminars begin. The afternoon seminars will begin after lunch and fellowship time. We will end our time together with closing worship and a reception. A list of seminar options is listed below. Click [here] for a list of seminars with descriptions or visit https://neos-elca.org/ and click on Assembly.


Full Day Education Seminar

  • Storytelling to Improve Engagement – Jennifer Wolf Smith and Mitzie Schafer


1/2 Day Morning Education Seminar options

  • Praying into a Flourishing Life and Leadership – Rev. Dr. Paul Barbins
  • Moving Our Youth Ministries from Pandemic to Endemic – Stephanie Caro
  • Understanding the Root Causes of Hunger in Our Communities – Deacon Nick Bates
  • Depolarizing Within – Braver Angels: Beverly Horstmann and Eugene Rutz


1/2 Day Afternoon Education Seminar options

  • Praying into a Flourishing Life and Leadership – Rev. Dr. Paul Barbins
  • Thriving Youth Ministries in Smaller Churches – Stephanie Caro
  • Doing Justice: Congregational Justice Ministries – Deacon Nick Bates
  • Skills for Bridging the Divide – Braver Angels: Beverly Horstmann and Eugene Rutz



Day Two: Business Sessions (Saturday, May 14, 2022) is for conducting the business of the Northeastern Ohio Synod. Registered voting members will receive login credentials for the TurningPoint voting app. These credentials will be sent to each voting member’s unique email address that was used for registration. Please double check that the email address was entered correctly during the registration process. The assembly business will be conducted in-person at the John S. Knight Center. Doors open at 7:30 a.m. for check-in and continental breakfast before Morning Prayer in the main assembly hall. The Rev. Christopher Otten will be the ELCA Churchwide representative and Fr. Raymond P. Guiao, SJ, President, Saint Ignatius High School, will be the keynote speaker. Following a working lunch and the last of the business sessions the assembly will close with worship.


Display Information The registration costs cover display table(s), display person(s), and meals for both Friday and Saturday. Move-in will be Thursday, May 12, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the back dock area of the John S. Knight Center. Move-out can begin after the working lunch on Saturday, May 14, 2022. If you have any questions please email assembly@neos-elca.org.


Financial assistance is available for congregations of the Northeastern Ohio Synod who wish to have a display at the 2022 Synod Assembly. Before completing a display registration form email assembly@neos-elca.org to request assistance. Please include the congregation name, city, and contact person. After the request has been reviewed an email with the decision will be sent.


Online Registration Helpful Hints

  • Do not use middle name or initial. Only use one spacebetween first and last name.
  • If there are spaces in between your first or last names remove them (example MaryJane Doe.) The system will only allow for one spacebetween first and last name.
  • Voting member emails must be unique to only them to be able to use the TurningPoint voting app. Login information for the app will be sent to the attendee’s registration email.
  • Enter 01 or US for the Country Code.
  • To add additional attendees, click on the pale grey + circle found just above “Additional Info.”
  • If paying with a check use promo code SACHECK. Make checks payable to Northeastern Ohio Synod and include “assembly” on the memo line. All checks should be sent to the Lutheran Center and must be received prior to the start the assembly.

  Mailing Address:  Northeastern Ohio Synod, 1890 Bailey Road, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

  • Only retired ministers NOT serving a congregation may register as a retired minster.
  • Email assembly@neos-elca.orgwith any questions.


Additional Information & Materials

Visit https://neos-elca.org/ and click on Assembly for updated information, deadlines, and materials, including schedules, day one seminar descriptions, and day two pre-assembly packet.


Payment in-full must be received by the start of the assembly

If paying with a check please mail your check early to allow for postal delays.


Financial Assistance

To receive a grant for the 2022 assembly you must first email assembly@neos-elca.org and request financial assistance. In the email please specify if the request is for an individual or a congregation. If the request is for an individual include the reason for the request and your name or the name of the person needing financial assistance. For a congregation include the congregation’s name and city, contact person and the names of the attendees/voting members, along with a reason for the request. After the request has been reviewed an email with the decision will be sent.


Large Group* Discounts

The Large Group Discount provides a price cap after reaching the group threshold. If your congregation qualifies for the Large Group Discount please email assembly@neos-elca.org. In the email include the contact person’s name and phone number and a time will be set-up to register your congregation’s attendees.

*A large group consists of one or more paid rostered leaders plus five or more additional lay attendees.


Remote Attendance for Day Two: Business Session ONLY

Only eligible voting members who have an approved medical or mobility reason will be able to attend remotely. You must email Bishop Barbins lbarbins@neos-elca.org to request permission to attend the Day Two: Business Session as a remote voting attendee.


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