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Attend the virtual Explore Ministry Event

Are you curious about where the Holy Spirit might be leading you?
Are you feeling a sense of call to serve the church in a new way?
Has any anyone ever suggested that you would make a good pastor, deacon, or other type of church leader?
Do you feel God’s Spirit tugging or nudging you to explore spiritual gifts, passions, interests?
Do you have a willingness to lead God’s people?
Are you curious about becoming a leader in the ELCA?


If you are wrestling with such questions, consider attending the virtual Explore Ministry Event!

When: March 5-6, 2021; Fri 7–9p, Sat 9a–12p
Where: Zoom!
Cost— $15 (includes Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer) — credit cards only
* Spouses are encouraged to attend (without charge)
Registration Deadline: March 3, 2021



Downloadable flyer.

Rev. Dr. C. Lynn Nakamura


Rev. Angel Jackson

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