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The Dandelion Project: Selecting Your Congregation’s Team

Are you considering applying for a place in The Dandelion Project? This two-year vitality journey with Pastor Dave Daubert and others is designed to provide a framework for congregational discernment, discovery, and growth. A key part of the process is identifying a team of your rostered leader(s) and congregation members who will be your local guides. Here are some characteristics of people who could be valuable parts of your team:

  • Intentional in their own faith formation
  • Basic competency in congregational vitality
  • Experience in training/facilitation
  • Collegiality
  • Coachable
  • Commitment to the process and to the whole church

And some things to think about as you assemble your team:

  • Cultivate a diversity of gifts (e.g. spiritual direction, hospitality, worship, administration, facilitation)
  • Teams should incorporate both rostered ministers and lay people
  • Incorporate cultural diversity whenever possible
  • Recognize the need to represent different contexts for ministry
  • Recognize the need to allow the team to evolve over time (intentional turnover)

The Dandelion Project application deadline is August 13, and a maximum of 15 congregations will be participating. Do you have other questions? See for an introductory video, flyer, and application form. Or contact Pastor Julianne Smith at or Pastor Jim Watson at

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