COVID Protocols for the Opening of the Lutheran Center and the Travel of Staff

Beginning January 1, 2021


Staff and visitors must be aware that we cannot ensure a 100% safe environment; there is, in any enclosed space, the risk of becoming ill. However, so that we can make our offices as safe as possible, here are the precautions and protocols we are required by the Ohio Department of Health to follow as a place of business and those that we are taking as we strive to be responsible citizens.

  1. To the best of our ability, we will follow guidelines from the CDC and ODH regarding numbers of people to gather within the Lutheran Center, how to gather safely, and cleaning/sanitizing recommendations.
  2. Staff with reception-type desks will have plexiglass partitions between themselves and visitors.
  3. The center will only open when Summit County is in “yellow” or “orange” status as per the Ohio Department of Health Advisory System.
  4. Staff and visitors are only invited to be in the offices if their county of residence is in “yellow” or “orange” status.
  5. Staff and visitors will NOT be required to come to the office under any circumstances.
  6. Likewise, staff will only travel to counties that are in “yellow” or “orange” status. Again, no staff will be required to travel to in person meetings or events.
  7. Upon entering the reception area, visitors to the Lutheran Center will be required to sign a statement regarding their lack of COVID-19 symptoms and sign a visitor log with a phone number should the need for contact tracing arise.
  8. Visitors to the Lutheran Center will be required to wear a mask at all times in the Lutheran Center.
  9. Staff are required to wear masks everywhere in the Lutheran Center except at their personal workspace.
  10. Staff will be required to wear masks for the entirety of their visit to a different site.
  11. All events, meetings, offerings will be offered in an online format for the foreseeable future, even if there is an in person option.
  12. The Ohio Department of Health updates the Health Advisory System every Thursday at 2pm. If there are changes that need to be made for future meetings or weekend visits, these will be communicated by 4pm on that Thursday.
  13. These protocols are in place until replaced by a new document.


These protocols were adopted by the staff of the Lutheran Center and ratified by the Executive Committee of Synod Council on December 15, 2020. You can download a PDF of this document here.